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Antique and Classic Boat Restorations

Wooden and Fiberglass

     The problem:   Your wooden boat needs work and you don't know who to call.

The varnish and paint don't shine brilliantly like they used to. The bottom is leaking a little bit more this season than you are comfortable with. One side plank took a direct hit last summer and the damage sticks out like a sore thumb every time you walk down to the dock. The issues feel too overwhelming to handle yourself, you simply don't have enough time. Every boatyard and marina that you have contacted has little to no experience handling and caring for wooden boats. You called a 'wooden boat shop' but can't get a call back. You recognize that your antique or classic wooden treasure deserves the highest caliber care, expertise and respect - and rightfully so! 

     We have all been there...

     The solution:   Here at North Country Boatworks, we guide wooden boat owners through the trials and tribulations that sometimes accompany wooden boat ownership: repairs, restorations, maintenance, proper care and daily boat operation. You require a specialized boat shop, a partner that shares your vision and dream. One that is capable of servicing every part of your vintage wooden heirloom. One that offers highly skilled craftsmen with the right tools paired with the working historical knowledge to make the correct decisions. Many of our customers feel a sense of stewardship towards their floating pieces of history, that they are simply a caretaker. We strongly identify with that sentiment. With 15+ years of wooden boat specialization, coupled with a preservation mindset and a reverence for tradition and heritage, North Country Boatworks creates lasting relationships with our customers and their boats. We invite you to come experience the satisfactions of wooden boat ownership with us.

     North Country Boatworks provides a full range of wooden boat services in-house. If we can't do it here, we rely on our extensive network of niche industry specialists to get it done right.


We offer the following services:

- Complete Wooden Boat Restorations / Complete Classic Fiberglass Boat Restorations

- Partial Restorations / Wooden and Fiberglass

- "No Soak" Bottom Replacements / 3M 5200 and West System Epoxy

- Hull and Deck Plank Repair / Replacement

- Engine rebuilds and restorations / Repowers / Propeller, Coupler and Shaft Repairs

- Interior Rebuild and Replication / Period Correct Upholstery and Repairs

- Strip and Refinishing / Stain Matching / Paint and Varnish / Traditional Hand Brushed or       Modern Spray Techniques (Please visit our Paint & Varnish page)

      And to our customers with an appreciation for the conveniences that modern luxuries provide, we can retro-mod and custom build just about anything you can think of. Swim platforms, custom engine boxes, custom seating, wooden frame windshields, modern acoustic, electrical and lighting, synthetic teak flooring, and much more!

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