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Designer Flooring

                                         specifically created for the marine environment. Traditional designs, inspired patterns, and the freedom to create something completely unique and bespoke - use Amtico Marine to shape an unforgettable boating experience at the highest level of design, performance and execution.

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For those who appreciate a traditionally inspired floor design, we fabricate a "Teak and Holly" style Amtico floor seen below. The plank and seam widths are specifically cut to match the dimensions found on a standard teak and holly marine plywood veneer. Amtico carries three distinct "Teak" plank variations that help when matching your existing teak interior joinery which may show a wide range of color.


Other traditional designs found on yachts could be "Teak and Black" (black seams), "Teak and White" (white seams), "Cherry and Holly", Parquet-style floor in Teak or other wood species, straight planked Teak without seams, and several other designs appropriate for yacht floors. We can replicate them all using the versatile range of Amtico products.

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