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North Country Boatworks - Permateek Marine Decking - Milford, CT USA
North Country Boatworks - Permateek Marine Decking - Milford, CT USA

Enhance Your Boating Experience!

  Permateek Marine Decking looks just like real teak, is extremely durable and UV-stable, and is low maintenance. It has a roughened surface that looks and feels like natural wood grain, making it visually indiscernible from real teak. Permateek is made from PVC which is highly resistant to sun, rain, seawater, oils, dirt and grime. It provides an exceptionally safe non-slip surface, wet or dry.


  With a range of 14 decking colors and 3 caulk line colors, yacht owners can customize their decks with up to 36 unique options to suit any style. In addition, Permateek manufactures a choice of multi-color decking in Natural and Weathered, which replicate the appearances of freshly sanded  natural teak or weathered, silvered natural teak. Once installed, Permateek will enhance the appearance and value of vessels of all makes and sizes - from superyachts to center consoles, sailing cruisers to day sailors, RIBs to dinghies.

  Our highly trained Permateek team will handle everything from templates and measurements, to custom design fabrication, to fitting and installing the finished decks. A typical job requires only two days of service: one day to template, one day to install. Our process reduces down time: all other work is done off-site so you can continue to enjoy your boating season while your decks are custom fabricated.


  Our installation experts are fully mobile and will travel to your location. For smaller vessels on trailers, we can bring you into our 4000 sqft facility, ensuring a hassle free installation inside our controlled environment. 

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